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One of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Kenya. CHOWPATY RESTAURANTS started off with a modest set-up at Diamond Plaza, the heart of the Indian Community in Nairobi with a 60 seater restaurant and slowly expanded to Westlands, Shimmer Plaza with a 150 seater restaurant and then a pure vegetarian fast food outlet at Diamond Plaza and the latest 200 seater restaurant at Highridge Centre at Parklands Avenue.


Stimulate your taste buds with fresh, world-class cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails at WAVE LOUNGE BAR & RESTAURANT, boasting an extensive list of fine wines, full bar, and carefully created menus for every occasion. WAVE LOUNGE BAR & RESTAURANT has a full menu for lunch, dinner and late night lounge services. Immerse yourself with our wide range of exquisite shisha/hookah flavors, perfect for a fun evening out or a business or networking luncheon.


The word vegan - pronounced vegen - was coined by Donald Watson in 1944. A vegan diet excludes all animal products: meat, milk products and eggs. Many vegans extend this approach to other lifestyle choices, and refrain from using wool, silk and leather. Additionally vegans commonly seek to avoid products that were tested on animals.  

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